Yugo 45. The worst car in history?

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Privacy is a commodity which is in extremely short supply on the Internet. Fortunately there are still a few of us who respect it. Here is how we keep your privacy secure.

Viewing security

Our website's URL begins with 'HTTPS' which means the transmission of this site to you is protected by a technology called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer; in other words it is encrypted and, theoretically at least, no one should be able to tell that you are visiting it except your Internet service provider and Google, if you are unfortunate enough to be using a Chrome browser. Google would of course never dream of abusing your privacy.


We don't use cookies (those nasty little programs that can spy on you, record your keystrokes and fill your screen with 'personalised' advertisements which display your darkest thoughts to anyone looking over your shoulder).

Information that we gather

We do have access to weblogs which give us statistical information only about the numbers of visitors to our site, which browser they used, et cetera but we don't keep them and we hardly ever look at them anyway.

What we know about you

Frankly we don't have a clue who you are and unless you choose to tell as there is no way that we can get this information anyway. So your privacy is as safe on this site as it is in your own living room.

How we store information about you

We don't have any so we don't need any storage space for it. Just as well, because storage space is expensive.

Sale or transfer of your information

Even if we had any information we wouldn't sell it. Probably because nobody would buy it.

That's it really!

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