Yugo 45. The worst car in history?

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My name is Ian Palmer, I live in Sunny Sunderland in the United Kingdom and I'm a systems analyst. I am not only the owner of this website but I also wrote all the articles and created all the images. If any of them offend you in any way then you can blame me. However I have tried to present a story about a brave but ultimately doomed attempt to sell a substandard car into a market which demanded quality and prestige above all requirements, in as fair a way as possible.

To the best of my knowledge everything I have written on this website is historically true and provable. If some people have been portrayed in a less than perfect light and they believe that this was done unfairly than I am perfectly happy to listen to criticisms and amend the articles as necessary, if the criticism is justified. If it is unjustified then sorry, but a fact is a fact.

I love discussing cars, particularly those with an interesting history such as the Yugo, so if you want to comment on this site, suggest other material that I should publish or just have a chat I would love to hear from you; Be good to hear from you.

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