Yugo 45. The worst car in history?

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These are the terms and conditions which govern your use of this website, which is theworstcar.com. Much though we would love to give you unfettered access to it there are a small number of nutters out there (not including you of course!) and so we have to publish this formal notice to try and stop anyone from suing us because they been so upset by reading our articles that they have needed extensive and expensive therapy, they have invested massively on the back of some totally spurious information on this site and lost a fortune, or they have simply taken offence where no offence was ever intended.

So; it is mandatory that you accept all the terms and conditions below if you are to continue browsing this site. If you do not accept, or continue to accept these terms and conditions your permission to view this site is withdrawn.

Age limits

This site is intended for the use of people who are of mature, logical and analytical mind which pretty well eliminates any users of Twitter or Facebook. Persons under the age of 15 or old enough to remember the Boer War are forbidden from using this site.

Accuracy of information on this site

Everything on this site is a complete figment of my own overheated imagination. Nothing that is printed herein is true. You must pay absolutely no attention to this website or any of it's contents and not use it for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to, making major decisions affecting your health, wealth or personal happiness or those of others.


This is an equal opportunities website which can be viewed by any persons regardless of ethnic origin, sex, sexual or other orientation, nationality, political persuasion, dietary choice, height, weight or anything else I have missed out.

Copyright – ours

Since this website has been published on the Internet, and can theoretically be seen by just about every person on the planet, copyright is irrelevant. All we do insist is that you do not publish anything on this site and claim it as your own. You are however more than welcome to publish snippets of it or make use of the images, provided that in every case you insert a hyperlink back to our site.

Copyright – yours

We hardly think it is likely that we have breached any other person's copyright in any way but if you believe that we have breached yours then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can settle the matter in a friendly way.

Our liability to you

We don't make any charge for visiting this site. Under UK law (and as far as I can tell the law of any other country) there is no contract between us and therefore we have no liability to you whatsoever for anything that may result as a consequence of the existence of this website. So there is no point claiming against us for anything.

Your liability to us

You must not do anything which disrupts, or threatens to disrupt, the smooth operation of this website in any way. Furthermore you must not do anything that may harm, upset or insult any of our visitors in any way.

You must not make use of any part of our website in a manner likely to cause distress, actual harm or inconvenience to any person.

Sites that we link to

There are hyperlinks to other websites on this site. We have made no checks whatsoever on the validity of these sites and for all we know they may be run by the biggest bunch of rogues on the Internet. You visit them entirely at your own risk and if they con you out of your life savings it's your own fault, so don't blame us.

Legal authority

If any dispute arises between us which has to be settled in a court of law (and I really cannot imagine any way in which this would happen) it must be settled under the laws of England and Scotland in a United Kingdom court.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

You must accept all of the above terms and conditions in order to continue browsing our website. If you do not accept any of them please leave immediately and do not revisit this site at any time in the future.

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